Hello and welcome!  This is my personal space where I share the things that interest me. Generally that's stuff about marketing and technology, along with the odd bit of finance, food, travel, music, humour and whatever else takes my interest.

I am a technologist and marketer.  I help people use technology to get more leads.  Simple as that really.  I'm involved with a few things, outlined below.

Client Machine

Looking for an EIS investment opportunity?  This is a start-up that is aiming to turn the website agency model on its head.  If you are a sophisticated investor and are looking for an SEIS/EIS investment in a low-risk highly profitable business model, this might be of interest.


Website maintenance for small business owners.  This is the business that my wife started, that's been going for many a year now.  Ever had that pain when you can't get a change to your website made quickly because your web developer's disappeared?  We solve this problem with proper website maintenance packages.

Pomcat's now only accepting new clients by invitation at the moment.


I'm currently head of digital at Yomp.  Working with founder Richard Woods to scale his Trailblazer framework for getting more leads for businesses.  A great team of people.  You'd do worse than check out their Trailblazer system if you need more leads for your business.

WP Aid

An evolution of what Pomcat started, support for your WordPress Website.

The Lead Gen Academy

A supportive learning environment for business owners interested in improving their marketing and sales.

I present a regular slot on funnel building at this monthly meet-up in Farnborough.

Book Writing

Currently in the process of writing The Automatic Business.  If you've got something to say on the subject, maybe you could feature as a case study?


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