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Gardening ideas – May 2019



Echium spires?


When you see new shoots & flowers on citrus, feed them - water and liquid seaweed - 30:1 - half a jamjar in a watering can.

If in doubt, basic tomato feed one time a month over winter, easter 10 days to 2 weeks, summer once a week.

Grayswood Ghost - Silver Birch - Betula utilis var. jaquemontii - Himalayan birch - Plant 3 together to stunt growth and create a nice effect.


Bleeding Heart Dicentra - Perfect for shade.  Needs moisture.  Cut back after flowering.

Dilys Geranium - plant with the above.

Polygonatum x hybridum 'Betberg' - Solomon's seal.

Speirantha convallarioides - needs acid shade

Sorbaria sorbifolia 'sem' - what we've got by the office - bush - red and green.


Clifford's Forest Fire - very large hosta.

Hostas can be divided - either just as they start to grow, or whenever really.

Erythronium Jeanette Brickell - Dog's tooth violet - in shade with Frittery

Acer in shade.  They hate wind.  Acer palmatum Osakazuki - Japanese Maple.  Add compost to soil, plus extra drainage - composted bracken (acidic) plus a load of grit.  This one is green in summer and goes bright red.  Acers are grafted - make sure graft is above the ground.  Heal it in - quite gently, don't crush the drainage and compact it down.  Mulch thoroughly with pine bark - erricacious mulch.


Navelwort - Omphalodes Cappadocica - ideal under shrubs and trees

Trillium rivale - seed

Lathyrus Vernus "Alboroseus" - spring pea - from seed easily - dappled shade.

Imperial Frittery - for the woodland bit - big flowers in spring - yellow.

Pea Alderman - 6' traditional - fill the gaps with radish and lettuce

Easter - cuttings of dahlias - cut a shoot off the tuba and pot up.

Spring flowering shrubs - cut back after flowering - honeysuckle - new wood carries next year's flowers.

Woodland - primulas

Sept - Tulips in front garden - "Oranjezon" - Deep - 8'' is not too deep.  Plant in December.  Take off the flowering stem after flowering stem after flowering - don't let go to seed.

Tulipa acuminata - Horned tulip.  About £2.50 each.  Sept-Nov planting.

Tulipa "Wendy Akers" - nice

Euphorbia Fireglow - for woodland bit.

Polymonium Bressingham Purple - Jacob's Ladder.  With Tangerine Geum - dappled shade.

Kohl Rabi Azure Star

Allium Atropurpureum

Oxalis Triangularis - Houseplant

Amelanchier Lamarckii - blossom, fruit, autumn colour - great tree in small garden.  In sun.

Cercis Canadensis - Forest Pansy.

Garden is 6.2 wide.  12.5m from house to office

Path from office to Shed is 8m.  Office is 3.3m  Office front to Garage is 4.4m


Rosemary - drainage - lots of horticultural grit.  Miss Jessopp's upright - for hedging.  Pot, window sill.  Plant slightly proud of the surface of the soil in a mound.  Needs sun.

May - 2nd week - pinch out dahlias if they are growing strongly but you're not ready to pot out.

Forgetmenots and Apricot Beauty Tulip - very nice combination.


V dry, poor soil:


Verbascum Christoes Yellow Lightning - 3-4' tall

Cephalaria Gigantia - Giant Scabious - 6' tall - v pale yellpw

Acanthus Mollis - Bear's breaches.



Twin spined cactur - mommillaria geminispiha

Euphorbia canariensis


Feed: lush growth - nitrogen

Flowering - potasium - general purpose tomato feed - liquid seaweed


Plants I want - lemongrass

kafir lime leaves - citrus hystrix

Lemons - prune hard in spring

high nitrogen furtalizer

water when the leaves curl and the pot is bone dry.

Calamondin Orange Citrus X microcarpa

Four seasons lemon

Tahiti lime

The citrus centre - pullborough, west sussex

Put chocks under pot so they don't sit in water.


Cold frames?



Water feature?



Daphne - shrub - smells nice.

Amalancia - beautiful flower, lovely berry, autumn colour

Carnus - bright stems, bit like dogwood


April 26th - sow parsnips, put radishes in to grow and harvest before the parsnips come up.  Sew sunflowers - one seed per plug, plant out towards the end of June.


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